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WOW! I have not updated in ages...

I have not posted in here in ages but I am going to now for I have only THIRTY FOUR more days before I leave for my trip back to the most beautiful and most wonderful place on Earth Bosnia ;D I will be departuring on July, 06 and arriving in Amstradam the next morning and from there I am going to be leaving and arriving the same day in Croatia and from there we are driving back to Bosnia.

I canno't wait to leave my cousin also bought her ticket to go with me the same day but she sent in for her Bosnian Passport a month ago and nothing has arrived yet I am really worried that it wont arrive and then I dont know what I'll do with all the money she spent to go with me so I am still keeping my *fingers crossed* and what pisses me off the most I was soppose to meet another friend down in Bosnia but now I dubt that he is going becuase his papers to leave the country have not arrived yet so I doubt that he is going and that makes me so sad that I dont really even want to go but oh well just my luck.

I just wanted to update and I will probobly be updating before I leave I have so much that I need to take care of before the trip.
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