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California, here I come!

OK, so I just got my tickets to San Francisco from August 7th to the 18th, and I'm really excited! Well, I've got time to plan this out as I want it to be, but it's better to start early, so I'm asking a couple of things...so the plan so far is this:

Aug 7th-9th: SF, Berkeley and maybe Santa Cruz (worth it? doable from SF?)

Aug 10th-13th: Lak Tahoe? Yosemite? Santa Barbara? LA? Death Valley? (See EDIT below)

Aug 14th-18th: San Diego, Tijuana,...Joshua Tree? Mojave Desert?

So SF+Berkeley and San Diego+Tijuana are definite...what about everything else?

What about means of transportation? I was thinking of taking the Greyhound from SF to SD since it's pretty cheap...I found a cheap SouthWest flight on the way back from SD to SF...what's better and cheaper?

What about places to stay (other than SF and SD? Who can offer their couch and/or willingness to show me around? :)

What should I see among the places I mentioned? Considering that I'm not into wine (so Napa Valley is out), neither am I into VIPs (is LA worth it?)...and I wanna see the desert really bad!!! And nature is always rad. (And I'm a budget, but that-everybody knows!)

Anything else I haven't mentioned that you think is worth seeing, please let me know...anything: shows, places to eat, free stuff to do, bike rental places that are worth it, free food, etc.


So I am really and realistically looking into doing this roadtrip from Aug 10th to the 13th:

San Francisco - Yosemite - Death Valley - Las Vegas - Lake Tahoe/Reno - San Francisco

I've checked Maporama and it seems doable as far as driving time goes. I know I won't have a hell of a lot of time to thoroughly visit all those places, but at least I can see them!

And also, the "cheapest" rental car company seems to be Enterprise, for about $197 for the 4 days, included the super outrageous under25 fee (GRRRRR!). Anything cheaper that you know of?

The crazy plan also included going to a (nearby SF) (Super)WalMart and getting all the gear needed: a tent, 2 sleeping bags, a roadmap,...what else?

And "camping" whenever and wherever possible and then returning all the stuff after the trip! :)

So what do you guys think? Doable? Worth it? Lake Tahoe or Reno?
Any tips on those places (SF excluded)? Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot in advance! :)

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