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Driving across the U.S. in February

I'm moving from San Francisco to New York, and a friend and I will be driving a truck full of my stuff from here to there around the end of January/beginning of February. This is very exciting! *beam* I've wanted to do a cross-country drive for years, and this is my first time. I know that there are some risks to doing this and would like to minimize them, so I ask all of the seasoned travelers out there:

* What route would you choose, and why?
* How long should we expect it to take? How far should we expect to drive each day?
* What's the best way to avoid getting stuck in the snow somewhere?
* Where is there the lowest likelihood of the truck being broken into or stolen? What should I watch out for? (I'm shipping my most sentimental belongings and getting insurance and a truck with GPS and other anti-theft precautions, but of course it's best to avoid this sort of thing altogether.)
* What else should I know, beyond "Bring blankets and lots of music, and do this with someone you won't hate at the end of it"? *)


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