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[01 Mar 2007|03:30pm]

Again, sorry for the x-posting, but one more (ok 2 more) quick Japan questions. Again, we're going to be in Tokyo for a few days, staying in Yokohama.

-We are thinking of doing a city tour or some day trips. Has to be in English as neither of us knows any Japanese. Any recommendations on specific travel companies/tour operators? What was your experience? Pros/cons-things you wanted to see but didn't, or places you went but didn't want to?

-Also if you have any suggestions on guidebooks-pros and cons-greatly appreciated!

Thanks again!!!
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Japan [26 Feb 2007|12:38pm]

Hello, all. Apologies in advance as this is x-posted to several communities. My boyfriend and I will be spending a few days in Tokyo, Japan. Flight and hotel are done. We've never been and really know nothing about the area. We're going to get a guidebook and do some web research, but if anyone has any suggestions, tips or places to check out in or near Tokyo I would greatly appreciate it!!
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Cambodia 2006 - photos. [14 Mar 2006|11:08pm]

A very condensed and filtered version (only because i shot like over 1200 photos in total!) *lol*

Uploaded on shutterfly... click link and view slideshow. Enjoy...

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Cambodia 2006. [12 Feb 2006|09:46pm]

it's been pretty quiet in here...

i just returned from a week-long stay in Cambodia last week... it was very pleasant and we're lucky not to run into much trouble.
(my poor colleague - on a seperate trip around the same time as mine, got his bag stolen... camera, passport, wallet, phone, travel docs all gone... yikes!)

i went to Siem Reap first for 4 nights, then travelled by bus to Phnom Penh for 2 nights.
SR was very nice and pleasant, and there was plenty to see and do.

However when we got to PP, there was so much less vegetation around the city, which made the whole place very very hot.
Apart from the various tips from all our guide books and stories we've heard about being robbed at gun point in broad daylight - there was not much to see there. (that was where my colleague had his unfortunate encounter.) so my advice is to skip that town and spend more time in SR. :)

i go berserk when i'm behind the camera... so i'm gonna have to filter them out before posting the slideshow.
meanwhile, here are a couple of random shots... enjoy...

...Collapse )
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help [22 Oct 2005|02:05pm]

Hi, I'm new to the community, my name is Morgan. I was wondering if anyone could help me...I want to move to Scotland to live with my friend for a year (from the US), but I won't be a student anymore. Does anyone know if there's any way for me to get a work permit/visa without having to have a job already lined up before I go? I just want to work in a shop or something when I get there... And if so, where can I find it? Thank you so much!
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Flights to Buenos Aires. [23 Aug 2005|05:44pm]

I am looking for plane tickets from Dallas, TX (DFW) to Buenos Aires (BUE). Leaving Dec 10th and coming back Jan 15th. I couldn't find anything for less than $1'000 taxes included. Or I found something out of Miami (MIA) for 500-something plus tax. I looked on Despegar, Taca, Copa, Aerolineas Argentinas, and all the "usual" ones through BookingBuddy and SideStep...any ideas for something cheaper? The one out of Miami sounds good, but then I couldn't find anything for less than $300 for DFW-MIA.
Thanks in advance!
PS: I could also fly out of Houston, TX
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les isles francaise [16 May 2005|10:25pm]

has anyone ever been to martinique or guadeloupe? if so i'd love to hear all about it. i am planning on going to a warm french-speaking island this winter and i have come across these two gems. any information and insight you have to donate would be greatly appreciated. thanks and aloha.
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Driving across the U.S. in February [21 Dec 2004|11:32am]

[ mood | excited ]

I'm moving from San Francisco to New York, and a friend and I will be driving a truck full of my stuff from here to there around the end of January/beginning of February. This is very exciting! *beam* I've wanted to do a cross-country drive for years, and this is my first time. I know that there are some risks to doing this and would like to minimize them, so I ask all of the seasoned travelers out there:

* What route would you choose, and why?
* How long should we expect it to take? How far should we expect to drive each day?
* What's the best way to avoid getting stuck in the snow somewhere?
* Where is there the lowest likelihood of the truck being broken into or stolen? What should I watch out for? (I'm shipping my most sentimental belongings and getting insurance and a truck with GPS and other anti-theft precautions, but of course it's best to avoid this sort of thing altogether.)
* What else should I know, beyond "Bring blankets and lots of music, and do this with someone you won't hate at the end of it"? *)


(crossposted to lots of travel-themed journals)

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[21 Oct 2004|07:50pm]

ah...i forgot to do a courteous introduction of myself.
i'm john and ever since last year when i backpacked through europe for 4 months, i've caught the travel bug.
in a couple of weeks i will be headed to hawaii for 6 months to work on organic farms and take in the islands.

here are a couple of pics from the eurotrip:

where i've been...Collapse )
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[21 Oct 2004|03:41pm]

the deal: travelling from toronto, canada to honolulu, hawaii in a couple of weeks.
the unknown: does anybody know any good and (more importantly) inexpensive travel insurance that i can use while i am in the US? I will be staying for 6 months so, i realize the cost is going to be high, which is why i would like to try and shop around to get the best value.
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[03 Oct 2004|10:42pm]

Has anyone ever done a Study Abroad program for college? If so, did you go for a year, a semester, or for the summer? How was your experience?
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[15 Sep 2004|12:40am]

Countries I've been to:


Countries I want to visit in the future:


..and probably a few more. Anyone been to those places I still want to go? Do divulge. That's all, g'nite.
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[11 Sep 2004|05:31pm]

This past summer me and my family spent three weeks in India. Pictures can be seen here.
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[18 Jul 2004|12:02pm]

Ciao to everybody.
My friend galleriescolors and i are planning a trip to the US. We would like to travel across the new england and we would really love to meet people, not just travelling like tourists. So if you live there or just have some friends we can hang out with, just let us know. We'll appreciate it a lot!
Thanks and have a good summer!
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California, here I come! [13 Jul 2004|06:17pm]

OK, so I just got my tickets to San Francisco from August 7th to the 18th, and I'm really excited! Well, I've got time to plan this out as I want it to be, but it's better to start early, so I'm asking a couple of things...so the plan so far is this:

Aug 7th-9th: SF, Berkeley and maybe Santa Cruz (worth it? doable from SF?)

Aug 10th-13th: Lak Tahoe? Yosemite? Santa Barbara? LA? Death Valley? (See EDIT below)

Aug 14th-18th: San Diego, Tijuana,...Joshua Tree? Mojave Desert?

So SF+Berkeley and San Diego+Tijuana are definite...what about everything else?

What about means of transportation? I was thinking of taking the Greyhound from SF to SD since it's pretty cheap...I found a cheap SouthWest flight on the way back from SD to SF...what's better and cheaper?

What about places to stay (other than SF and SD? Who can offer their couch and/or willingness to show me around? :)

What should I see among the places I mentioned? Considering that I'm not into wine (so Napa Valley is out), neither am I into VIPs (is LA worth it?)...and I wanna see the desert really bad!!! And nature is always rad. (And I'm a budget, but that-everybody knows!)

Anything else I haven't mentioned that you think is worth seeing, please let me know...anything: shows, places to eat, free stuff to do, bike rental places that are worth it, free food, etc.


So I am really and realistically looking into doing this roadtrip from Aug 10th to the 13th:

San Francisco - Yosemite - Death Valley - Las Vegas - Lake Tahoe/Reno - San Francisco

I've checked Maporama and it seems doable as far as driving time goes. I know I won't have a hell of a lot of time to thoroughly visit all those places, but at least I can see them!

And also, the "cheapest" rental car company seems to be Enterprise, for about $197 for the 4 days, included the super outrageous under25 fee (GRRRRR!). Anything cheaper that you know of?

The crazy plan also included going to a (nearby SF) (Super)WalMart and getting all the gear needed: a tent, 2 sleeping bags, a roadmap,...what else?

And "camping" whenever and wherever possible and then returning all the stuff after the trip! :)

So what do you guys think? Doable? Worth it? Lake Tahoe or Reno?
Any tips on those places (SF excluded)? Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot in advance! :)

(Crossposted like crazy)
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[12 Jul 2004|03:40am]

Has anyone been to Morocco?
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[11 Jul 2004|11:39pm]
hey i'm looking for one to three people who'd be willing to drive from the florida area to northern california. i'm a 19 year old guy named joe. my counterpart is my friend jackie m. we'd be able to throw down about $350 for gas and a place to stay in sacramento. the thing is we'd need to leave july 13th )this tuesday) and be gone for about a week or so. well if you're interested or know somebody who might be comment or contact me somehow. thanks.
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WOW! I have not updated in ages... [01 Jun 2004|01:41am]

[ mood | chipper ]

I have not posted in here in ages but I am going to now for I have only THIRTY FOUR more days before I leave for my trip back to the most beautiful and most wonderful place on Earth Bosnia ;D I will be departuring on July, 06 and arriving in Amstradam the next morning and from there I am going to be leaving and arriving the same day in Croatia and from there we are driving back to Bosnia.

I canno't wait to leave my cousin also bought her ticket to go with me the same day but she sent in for her Bosnian Passport a month ago and nothing has arrived yet I am really worried that it wont arrive and then I dont know what I'll do with all the money she spent to go with me so I am still keeping my *fingers crossed* and what pisses me off the most I was soppose to meet another friend down in Bosnia but now I dubt that he is going becuase his papers to leave the country have not arrived yet so I doubt that he is going and that makes me so sad that I dont really even want to go but oh well just my luck.

I just wanted to update and I will probobly be updating before I leave I have so much that I need to take care of before the trip.

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A Place To Stay In Italy for you and/or your friends this summer! [25 May 2004|12:41pm]


This message is for whoever is traveling through Italy or planning to. If you know anyone who does, please feel free to spread the word!

On behalf of my friends lauazuredoor  and elenarte :

do you want to see a part of Italy that not many tourists get to experience but that those who do really get to appreciate?

Come stay with us this summer! We live 30 minutes (by train) SE of Milan, in the north of Italy, in a beautiful countryside setting by the river Po (the longest in Italy).

We will be glad to put you up and show you around: we love having foreign guests during the summer, and we want to practice our English along with showing our land to anyone who is into getting off the beaten track (and maybe learn some Italian too)!

If you're interested please contact us ASAP, and if you know anyone who is please spread the word!

(Cross-posted like crazy)

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[16 Mar 2004|09:59am]

Photos!Collapse )

Please check out my new community dedicated to low-cost international travel:
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