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A Place To Stay In Italy for you and/or your friends this summer!

This message is for whoever is traveling through Italy or planning to. If you know anyone who does, please feel free to spread the word!

On behalf of my friends lauazuredoor  and elenarte :

do you want to see a part of Italy that not many tourists get to experience but that those who do really get to appreciate?

Come stay with us this summer! We live 30 minutes (by train) SE of Milan, in the north of Italy, in a beautiful countryside setting by the river Po (the longest in Italy).

We will be glad to put you up and show you around: we love having foreign guests during the summer, and we want to practice our English along with showing our land to anyone who is into getting off the beaten track (and maybe learn some Italian too)!

If you're interested please contact us ASAP, and if you know anyone who is please spread the word!

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